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How it all started

The Atrium is the literary society of REC. But, here’s something we strongly feel: just as how the definition of perfection is abstract and cannot be defined within said borders or boundaries, the Atrium is exactly that. It’s what you think it is. Undefinable, yet the closest that we can ever get to perfection.


What we do

Although we’re Primarily a literary club, Atrium stands for expressionism as a whole. You may be a writer, a musician, a magician, a speaker or an actor. You may be all, or you may be none. What really matters is your zeal and zest to express your individual self, the way you want to. In short, the Atrium provides THE platform for all these talents of yours! Here are the various forms of expressionism that the Atrium supports and promotes!

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WOW '19
11 February 2019
come showcase your love for literature

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