All that happens in Atrium


Spreading its arms wide open to all those minds screaming literature, layered with creativity, the Atrium meets, with all the buzzing activities, has always been the cynosure of all eyes. It is the rendezvous where diverse minds unite. Here, we serve you a concoction of events, ranging from Shipwreck to Just A Minute. With each meet, you are on a trail towards discovering a new version of yourself. Come, witness your monotony vanish into thin air, as you plunge yourself into the world of Atrium.

(Dramatics Contingent)

EXCLAMATIONS is the up and coming dramatic sister division of the Atrium. Started in 2017 as a result of the Evam theatricals' annual theatrical contest, Moonshine was the first production, and it has only been upward from there! If you act, direct or shine backstage, you know where to come now! The mission of the theatre is, after all, to raise the consciousness of people to their human possibilities.

Atrium Branches


The Edboard is the passionate, dedicated and prolific Editorial wing of Atrium. Going through emotions weaved as beautiful sentences and editing them with our hearts and souls is our prime job.
Edboard is a haven for those who seek the reassurance of paper and ink, who breathe through words. If writing is your addiction, then you have reached the right place to rehabilitate!


The quizzing contingent of Atrium was formed to quench the thirst for knowledge among those to whom life is a series of questions left unanswered. What started as a small group of people who came together to question the conventional, has now grown into a well-established community, with our former Quiz Master Akash Rajagopalan having his quizzing startup! Winning trophies on more than one occasion, this contingent surely knows to ask the right questions!


“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women mere players; They have their exits and entrances,”
It is an iconic phrase from the Shakespearean comedy ‘As you like it’, it aptly summarises the whole of life into seven stages.


They say “Save the best for last”! As rightly said, we proudly present to you the most precious Kohinoor on our crown, “Scintillations”! This is the official annual magazine of Atrium, released during WOW. This interesting collection of stories, poems and many more is the perfect amalgamation of all things under the sun! From movies to politics, rants to lauds, anger to happiness we've got it all covered! Have one good read of Scintillations and bask in the goodness of all the amazing work!