S.No Title Student Name
1 Environmental case study involving air , water, soil quality monitoring along with the calculation and comparison of pollution index and regression coefficient Yuva Sriram B, Adithya Jairam
2 CO2 sequestration through gas hydrates using promoters Jeya Bharathi G
3 Preparation of bamboo bottle as a potential replacement to plastic water bottles. Srinivasa Raghavan T.N, Rohith kumar.R, Vinod kumar .G, Surendar .S
4 Synthesis of eco-friendly soap using coconut and neem oil G.Kishore Kumar, K.Sujith Kumar, M.Abinesh
5 Transesterification Of Custard Apple Seed Oil Catalyzed By Flyash-Based Solid Catalysts Vaibavi J, Venkata Vishaal G
6 Synthesis and characterization of chitosan modified ZnS nanoparticles for biomedical application J.Veeraputhiran, S.Dinesh
7 Oil spill removal by biomass based adsorbents R. Ahijith
8 Methanation process G. Magesh kumar, P. Sasidharan
9 Ink from the emission of vehicles by dissolution of the unburned carbon soot Lokesh.B, Anush.V, Rishi.R
10 Glowplant – engineering the future Anush venkataraman, Lokesh babu, Rishi rajan
11 Bioactive processing of greywater treatment D.Pragadeeswari, S.Punitha, M.nithyalakshmi
12 Fishwaste to fertilizer Y.Hariharan
13 No more cries for onion Sanjay L, Sarvesh Narayana, Ishwar Aravind
14 Removal of Iron, Copper from Ground Water by Aloe Barbadensis (Aloevera) as an External Conditioner Anush venkataraman, Lokesh Babu, Rishi Rajan
15 Applications of water hyacinth through pyrolysis and composting Varshini Ramesh
16 Applications of nanotechnology and absorption of carbon dioxide from exhaust gases Varshini Ramesh
17 Pilot Scale Biodiesel production,Waste water analysis and treatment SHARADHA PREETHA RM.B
18 Graphene Oxide Production for sea water treatment SHARADHA PREETHA RM.B
19 Determination of BOD from waste water industry Anusuya K
20 A study on the environmental impact caused by use-and-throw ball pens Anush venkataraman, Lokesh Babu, Rishi Rajan


S.No Title Student Name Journal name DOI
1 Preparation of black lyophilic ink using the carbon soot emitted by vehicles Anush V, Lokesh B, Rishi R Guide: Vijayaraghavan G Environmental Science and Pollution Research (Springer Nature) 10.1007/s11356-020-09329-4
2 Non-metallic organic dyes as photosensitizers for dye sensitized solar cells - A Review Vijayalakshmi J Aparna A D Guide: N T Mary Rosana Environmental Science and Pollution Research (Springer Nature) Under review
3 Removal of Iron, Copper from Ground Water by Aloe Barbadensis (Aloevera) as an External Conditioner Anush V, Lokesh B, Rishi R Guide: Vijayaraghavan G Indian Journal for Environmental Protection Under review
4 Extraction of Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose from Musa Paradisiaca using alkaline treatment D Dharani Dharan Guide: Vijayaraghavan G   Under review
5 Statistical analysis of ballpoint pen use based on age groups, professions and its impact on the environment Anush V, Lokesh B, Rishi R Guide: Vijayaraghavan G International Journal for Environmental Science and Technology (Springer Nature) Under review


S.No Title Faculty Name Journal name DOI
1 “Effective removal of Reactive Magenta dye in textile effluent by coagulation using algal alginate” G Vijayaraghavan Desalination and Water Treatment (Taylor & Francis) 10.5004/dwt.2018.22190
2 Output current enhancement of hexylthiophene functionalized D–p-extended–A triphenylamine in dye sensitized solar cells N T Mary Rosana New Journal of Chemistry (Royal society of Chemistry) 10.1039/c9nj01970g
3 Effective removal of Acid Black 1 dye in textile effluent using Alginate from brown algae as a coagulant G Vijayaraghavan Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering  
4 Adsorption potential of Water hyacinth on removal of Direct Blue 2 dye from aqueous solution: Isotherm kinetics and thermodynamics studies G Vijayaraghavan International Journal of Environmental Protection  
5 Health Care Waste Management in India - Towards a Healthier Environment N T Mary Rosana Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology 10.5958/0974-360X.2018.01030.2
6 Removal of copper ions from aqueous solution by Annona squamosa biomass using biosorption G Vijayaraghavan Int. J. of Environment and Waste Management 10.1504/IJEWM.2018.094108
7 Mathematical programming approach for optimal allocation in the wastewater management G Vijayaraghavan Int. J. of Environment and Waste Management 10.1504/IJEWM.2018.094107
8 Application of Locally Sourced Plants as Natural Coagulants For Dye Removal from Wastewater: A Review N T Mary Rosana Journal of Material and Environmental Science  
9 Acanthocereus tetragonus an effective natural coagulant for Decolorization of synthetic dye wastewater G Vijayaraghavan Journal of Material and Environmental Science  


S.No Student Title Organisation
1 Suganya M, Keerthana V Decolorization studies on industrial dye using silver impregnated Activated carbon by Adsorptiom Alagappa college of technology
2 S. Anusha and R. Malavika A study on Production of straight run naptha from crude oil in a curde distillation unit. Chennai Petro Chemicals Limited
3 Pooja.R , Rajarajeswari.N Design of heat exchanger to withstand high temperature gradient by replacing the material of construction Madras fertilizers limited
4 Varshini Ramesh Aswini M Giridharan Optimisation of stripping column Madras fertilizers limited
5 Ponvizhi. N Sharadha Preetha .RM.B Varsha. V Synthesis of Zn doped Graphene oxide and The study of capacitive deionization technology using various flow electrodes Ac tech, Anna University
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