Green Campus

Rajalakshmi Engineering College has adopted many green cover initiatives, thereby enriching the eco-friendly ambience of the Campus. Parking facilities are created for two and four wheelers separately for both faculties and students outside the campus near entrance. Vehicle parking sign boards are stationed at respective places. Security people are assigned duties on every turn to ensure restricted entry of automobiles in no parking areas.

Staff members and students use bicycles/battery powered four-wheeler inside the campus to reduce CO2 emission and maintain fresh air inside the campus.

The students and the faculty are advised to use pedestrian friendly pathways for convenience and safety. Landscaping with trees is designed either side of the pathway to provide shade for the pedestrians while walking, to add greenery and to control pollution inside the campus.

The college has made many efforts to achieve plastic free environment. Circulars are given to minimize the usage of plastic by all stake holders inside campus. Posters are placed in the campus everywhere to motivate and to create awareness among our stakeholders to avoid plastic inside campus. Dustbins are also replaced with biodegradable plastics and steel dustbins to promote ban on plastics.

The college always concentrate on planting trees and making the environment green. The campus has nearly 3200 trees to support flora and fauna species and to support green initiatives.

The observations indicated that the Rajalakshmi Engineering College campus has more than 30-50% of wild, 50-60% native plant species and the other 20-25% plant species are ornamental in nature coming under the planted vegetation. Native plant traits promote the indigenous fauna at the site area. Hence, the accountancy of 35% of the wild traits are leveraged for the native animals and birds. There are 211 species of creepers, plants, shrubs and trees in the campus.

The most plants recorded are Azadirachta indica A. Juss., Tamarindus indica, Pongamia pinnata, Cassia fistula, which are dominant trees species characteristic to the vegetation within the campus. Some of the shrub species like Nerium oleander L., Nerium indicum Mill, Punica granatum are also rather common in the campus.

Ground flora is comparatively sparse, but fairly rich in undistributed areas. Some of the common weeds like Euphorbhia hirta L., is found to be predominant. Species such as Catharanthus roseus, Cynodon dactylon are some common herbs in the campus. Certain common climbers found among the shrubs are Abutilon indicum L., Adhatoda vasica, Anisomeles malabarica, Coccinia grandis L., Cardiospermum halicacabum, Tinospora cordifolia (wild.), Toddalia asiatica L.,and Citrullus landaus (Thumb.), This campus is rich in grass species like Andropogon pumilis, Apluda mutica, Cenchrus ciliaris, Rottboellia cochinchinensis (Lour.), Asparagus racemosus Wild., and Commelina benghalensis L.

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