Lecture Capturing System

REC has procured licenses for Google Workspace for Education: Teaching and Learning Upgrade to conduct classes / courses in online mode. REC has always been a TECHNOLOGY FIRST INSTITUTION, for the first time in CHENNAI, introduced the Lecture Capturing System (LCS) in 2019, as a part of digital transformation to enhance the learning experience of the students and to revamp the teaching style of the faculty to offer better contextual and relevant content.

REC-LCS is an amazing way to extend material beyond the walls of the classroom. Students can access their education content anytime, anywhere and can learn at their own pace by simply logging in to the REC-LCS. Some students need to hear information more than once for it to sink in. Others get new information that recontextualizes earlier material, and need to go back and get everything to fit. REC-LCS makes it easy for the students to watch as many times as they need to. They can even watch the video at a slower/faster pace if they want. Giving them control over how fast they can watch makes for more efficient study habits.

Impartus web application is a video-based learning platform that enables educators to capture, edit, and distribute content. It provides students the deeper understanding of their topics as they review classroom content at any time, from anywhere. The platform of impartus web application is designed around real users and real learning needs, with robust security features to protect your identity. Few unique features of the impartus web application include automated lecture capture, remote access, live streaming, attachments, notes, video editing, bookmarks, search, playlist, and so on.

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