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1. Guest Lecture on “International marketing” 23.12.2021 Dr. R. Srikanth, Professor, Department of Management Studies,

Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai.
Discussed about Marketing Management, International Marketing, and Methods of Entering International Markets, Features Benefits, and Challenges. The strategies of the marketing mix were explained with chart.
2. Webinar on “Automated Embedded Communication Protocol” 04.12.2021 Mr.Jithesh J, Test Lead

Kpit Technologies Limited, Bengaluru
The course provided a forum for students to exchange idea on the state-of-the-art research and development in the field of Automated Embedded Systems. The course will also help to identify future research needs in the interdisciplinary emerging field
3. Webinar on “Opportunities and Scope of Embedded Systems in industry 4.0” 13.11.2021 Mr. L. Eby Sam Stewart, Technical Leader, ZF WABCO, Chennai The session helped in boosting students with their motivation to the next level. This is an opportunity to gain a better understanding about need of embedded system design in industrial sector. The program is designed to train and develop students in the area of embedded they can import knowledge to pursue career in the particular and allied domain.
4. Webinar on “Digital Transformation Techniques” 11.11.2021 Shri. T.Arun B.E, PGDOM, CPM ( ISM, USA), Operations Analytics (Wharton school of business), Head – Operations Lavazza, Italy The program is designed to train and develop students in the area of entrepreneurship, innovation and incubation in which they can act as resource persons in guiding and motivating students to take up entrepreneurial careers.


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1. Guest Lecture on "Practical aspects of Transistor Biasing", "Transistor Stabilization - Demystified ", "Transistor Biasing and Stability Analysis", "Challenges in Transistor Stability and Compensation" 08.06.2021, 10.06.2021, 11.06.2021 and 12.06.2021 1. Dr.Cross.T. Ashawise,Assistant Professor,

Department of MCT,

SRMIST, Kattankulathur.

2. Mr.Satheesh Kumar, M.E.

Assistant Professor (Sr.Grade),

Department of ECE,

KPTIT, Coimbatore.

3. Dr.B.Ramani,

Assistant Professor (Sr.Grade),

Department of ECE,

KPTIT, Coimbatore.

4. Dr. Lakshmi,

Associate Professor,

Department of ECE,

St. Joseph College of Engineering, Chennai.
The Guest lecture was organized for first year students to understand the concept of transistor biasing, challenges in transistor stability and bias compensation.
2. Webinar on "Application of MATLAB" 03.05.2021 Dr. Ezhilavan,

Managing Director,
VEIT Technologies.
The Webinar was organized for second year students to understand the applications of MATLAB.
3. Webinar on "Application of Artificial Intelligence in Ocean Exploration" 21.12.2020 Mr. Nitesh Verma, Project Scientist I, National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai, Tamilnadu. The Webinar was coordinated by the IETE Student Forum of Rajalakshmi Engineering College. 90+ participants actively participated in the Webinar. Explained about the role of Artificial intelligence in Ocean Technology.
4. Guest lecture on the topic “Variable Length Coding – Arithmetic Coding” 19.10.2020 Dr.R.Amutha, Professor, Department of ECE,SSN College of Engineering. The lecture started with basic compression methods All the final year final year ECE students participated and utilized this lecture.
5. Guest Lecture on Design and Applications of Waveguides 28.10.2020 Dr. S. Ramprabhu, Associate Professor, Department of ECE, SSN College of Engineering. The lecture was started with definition of transmission lines. Content delivered for 100 participants.
6. Guest lecture on “Linear Integrated Circuits” 06.03.2020 Dr.S.Rama Reddy, Prof/Dean EEE,Rajalakshmi Engineering College. Lecture has been given related to Linear Integrated Circuits and 50 students were participated.
7. Two days hands on

training on “Computer Networks for Human

Networking using CISCO Packet Tracer andNS-2"
13.02.2020 and 14.02.2020 Mr. S. Prabhu, CCNA Instructor, CISCO

Networking Academy

Ms. R. Bharathy, AP (SS)/ECE, REC.
Hands-on-Training has been given using CISCO Packet Tracer and NS-2.60 students were participated.
8. Two days Faculty Development Programme on "Analog IC design using CADENCE" 20.02.2020 to 21.02.2020 Mr.J.Navin Sankar, FAE-CADENCE, Entuple

Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Hands-on training of Analog circuits simulation using CADENCE software has been given to the faculties.


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1. Hands-on -Training of “Antenna Fundamentals and its importance” 27.02.2019 to 28.02.2019.

07.03.2019 to 08.03.2019.
Dr.T.Manikandan, Professor/ECE, Rajalakshmi Engineering College. Mr.M.Sathish, Assistant Professor (SS)/ECE, Rajalakshmi Engineering College. Explained the working principle of patch antenna, the design procedure and simulation of patch antenna using CAD tool. 60 students were participated.
2. Guest Lecture on " Internet Of Things" 12.07.2019 Mr. Clarence Antony Fernando, Project Manager,DataWTech. The students were given exposure on IoT The students were appreciated by the experts for their keen interest in the topic delivered.
3. The project incubation event “Design-a-thon 2019” 10.08.2019 Mr. S. P. Sandeep,IP Analyst, Bengaluru. The project incubation event “Design-a-thon 2019” provided a platform for the students. The exhibits by the young minds were examined under seven different categories by the Juries.
4. Project Expo on " Design Thinking Summit’19" 21.09.2019 Mr. Dr. Iniya Nehru, State Informatics officer, AP State Centre Amaravati. Mr. Vinod Kumarasamy, Digital Marketing Manager, Cognizant Technology Solutions. Design Thinking Summitoffers the opportunity forsignificant presentation of their projects. All the demonstrated projects and ideas will be reviewed by experts from various Industries and academic institutions.
5. Project Expo on " TR(IC)2" 27.09.2019 Dr.V.Santhanam, Professor & Head, Rajalakshmi Engineering College.Dr. R. Giri, Associate professor, Rajalakshmi Engineering College. This event was very helpful for students since they could explore their knowledge on basic electronics. The professors from the Department of Mechatronics had judged the projects.
6. Project Expo on " Embedded Design Contest’19" 28.09.2019 Dr.Joseph Gladwin, Associate Professor/ECE, SSN College of Engineering, Ms.Amudha, Assistant Professor (SG) /EEE, Rajalakshmi Engineering College. This contest eye-opened the students through practical exposure what they gained and considered to be the outcome of Embedded & RTS theory course.30 students were participated.
7. Project Expo on "Speech Expo’19" 04.10.2019 Dr. S. Poonkuzhali, Professor, Dr.L.Priya, Professor/Head ,Department of Information Technology, Rajalakshmi Engineering College. Information collected from this Speech Expo will be useful to show progress in the field of research of speech recognition. 30 students were participated.


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1. Guest Lecture on " Machine Learning" 11.08.2018 Mr. V. Srinivasan, Project Engineer,Ekon systems, Chennai. The guest lecture briefly explained the basic terminologies Machine Learning, Nearly 60 students were participated.
2. National level product development contest "Design Thinking Challenge’18" 01.09.2018 S. R. Ramanan, Advisor Metrological department, Anna University,Chennai. A total of 119 projects were received. A total of 15 experts from reputed Industries have evaluated the projects and 5 best internal teams and 5 best external teams has been shortlisted and awarded.
3. Guest Lecture on " Microfludics Devices and its applications" 8.9.2018 and 18.9.2018 Dr. L. Sujatha, Professor, Department of ECE, REC. Lecture started with the behavior, precise control and manipulation of fluids that are geometrically Finally, explained about the active microfludics and its applications.
4. One day hands-on training on “VLSI System Design using CADENCE Tool" 22.03.2018 Mr.K.Arunkumar, AP/ECE, Saveetha Engineering College and Ms.M.Anitha Mary, AP(SS)/ECE, Rajalakshmi Engineering College. Hands-on training based on CADENCE software has been given to the students.30 students were participated.
5. Project Expo on “Medical Electronics" 28.03.2018 Dr.S.Rajkumar, Professor/Head, Biomedical Engineering, REC. To enhance the student’s knowledge in the field of Medical Electronics, Projects are reviewed and best project was awarded.30 students were participated.


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1. Workshop on "Software Defined Radio" 08.07.2017 Mr.Umashankar Shetty, Technical support Engineer, Mr. SalaiDeva, Application Engineer from Tenet Technetronics, Bengaluru. 40 students from final year ECE and 5 faculty members were participated in the workshop. Students had hands on experience in SDR, starting with GNU Radio and USRP hardware front end.
2. Workshop on "Antenna Design Using HFSS" 22.07.2017 Dr.M.Palanivelan,

Professor & Head/ECE, REC
Students were learned about types and parameters of antenna, patch antenna design calculation, patch antenna design using HFSS.
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