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Sl.No. Name of the Faculty Designation
1Dr. L. SujathaHead (CEMM ) & Professor
2Dr. M. PalanivelanDirector (PG) & Professor
3Dr. L. BhagyalakshmiProfessor & Head
4Dr. T. ManikandanProfessor
5Dr. B. ThilakavathiProfessor
6Dr. B. PriyaProfessor
7Dr . S. ChitraProfessor
8Dr. R. GayathriProfessor
9Dr. V. S. SelvakumarProfessor
10Dr. A. AshaProfessor
11Dr. S. SuganthiProfessor
12Dr. M. SathishProfessor
13Dr. T. MariammalAssociate Professor
14Dr. M. LathaAssociate Professor
15Mrs. V. RadhamaniAssistant Professor (SG)
16Ms. D. SasirekhaAssistant Professor (SG)
17Ms. Shaik Thasleem BhanuAssistant Professor (SG)
18Dr. J. SaranyaAssistant Professor (SG)
19Ms. T. Helan VidhyaAssistant Professor (SG)
20Mr.Ganesamoorthy.RAssistant Professor (SG)
21Dr. Anusooya.VAssistant Professor (SG)
22Dr KumaranAssistant Professor (SG)
23Ms. R. SathyaAssistant Professor (SS)
24Mr. D. GururajAssistant Professor (SS)
25Mrs. M Anitha MaryAssistant Professor (SS)
26Mr. J. KarthiAssistant Professor (SS)
27Mrs.U. Jhanani ShreeAssistant Professor (SS)
28Dr. A. UshaAssistant Professor (SS)
29Mr. S. MohanrajAssistant Professor (SS)
30Ms. M. TamilarasiAssistant Professor (SS)
31Mrs. R. Benazir BegamAssistant Professor (SS)
32Mr. V. AsokanAssistant Professor (SS)
33Ms. P. Shanmuga PriyaAssistant Professor (SS)
34Mrs. V. YogalakshmiAssistant Professor(SS)
35Dr. S.SivasakthiselvanAssistant Professor (SS)
36Mrs. G. SaranyaAssistant Professor (SS)
37Ms. Sushma S .JagtapAssistant Professor
38Mr. K. Murali KrishnaAssistant Professor
39Mr. Sudharsan. SAssistant Professor
40Ms. Nandini G. IyerAssistant Professor
41Ms.G. IndhumathiAssistant Professor
42Mr.A.E. PrabhuAssistant Professor
43Ms.M.BrendaAssistant Professor
44Ms. H. Heartlin MariaAssistant Professor
45Ms.S.Priyanka DeviAssistant Professor
46Mrs. Sowmiya G.Assistant Professor
47G LoganathanAssistant Professor
48Dr.S.V. VinodhiniAssistant Professor
49Ms. R. BharathyAssistant Professor (SS)
50Ms. K. SudhaAssistant Professor (SG)

Supporting Staff Members

No. Name Designation
1Mr.S. VeeraragavanLab Assistant
2Ms.C. Angel MaryLab Assistant
3Mr.R. SridharLab Assistant
4Mr.G. SenthilkumarLab Assistant
5Ms S. DivyaLab Assistant
6Mr.L. SrihariLab Assistant
7Mr.V. Sankar SahLab Assistant
8Mr. N. GopalakrishnanLab Assistant
9Mr.S. Ramarajan Lab Assistant
10Mr.V. Mohan PrabhakarLab Assistant
11Ms.C. KavithaLab Assistant
12Mr.S. KarthigeyanLab Assistant
13Ms. K. Ramya DC
14Ms. M. NishanthiniDC

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