MoU (Memorandum of Understanding)

MoUs for Academic Development

MoU with Gedik University, Turkey
Rajalakshmi Institutions and Gedik University, Turkey have entered into an agreement to develop academic and educational co-operation. The Memorandum of Understanding will facilitate exchange of faculty and administrative staff, exchange of scholars, graduate and undergraduate students, short term courses visit by students on credit transfer/study abroad programme basis, conduct collaborative research projects, conduct lectures and organising symposia and exchange of academic information and materials.

MoU with Universidade Paulista-UNIP, Brasil
The Memorandum of Understanding signed by Rajalakshmi Institutions and Universidade Paulista-UNIP, Brasil is for exchange of teaching and research personnel, student exchanges, cooperative development of courses and academic programmes and development of joint scientific and technological research projects.

MoU with Millersville University of Pennsylvania, USA
Rajalakshmi Institutions has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Millersville University of Pennsylvania, USA for exchange of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members and research personnel, development of joint academic research, including conducting international workshops, development of dual degree programmes and exchange of scholarly and pedagogical materials, including grant of publication rights in one’s own collected works and journals.

This MoU is for exchange of students, exchange of faculty and staff, joint research activities and publications, participation in seminars and academic meetings, exchange of academic materials and other information, short-term academic programmes and study the feasibility of dual degree programmes.

The objective of this agreement is furtherance of academic cooperation in the fields of Engineering and Business Administration, by means of the exchange of faculty members/researchers, graduate students, undergraduate students and members of the technical-administrative staff of each institution.

This Memorandum of Understanding has been signed for development of research projects, implementation of academic activities such as courses, lectures, symposia or seminars, support researchers and students, exchange of publications, research and any kind of academic materials, exchange and collaboration in cultural projects of mutual interest and exchange of students and academic staff.

REC and Universidade Da Coruna have agreed to exchange of students, faculty, researchers and administrative staff, conducting collaborative research projects, conducting lectures and seminars, organising conferences and symposia, exchange of academic information and materials and promoting other academic cooperation.

Rajalakshmi Engineering College has signed a MoU with Altinbas University for exchange of students for study, exchange of faculty members for study, research and participation in educational programmes, exchange of scholars for lectures, talk and sharing of experience, exchange of publications in the fields of interest of both institutions, collaborative professional development and joint educational programmes.

The MoU with Michigan State University, USA facilitates the participation of students in the American Semester Programme (ASP).

MoU with AEC Business School for Singapore Polytechnic
An MoU has been signed by Rajalakshmi Engineering College with AEC Business School for a Consultancy project to deliver the academic programme for three semesters to the students enrolling for Diploma in Mechatronics Programme in Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore. Our EEE, Mechanical and MBA Departments would be involved in delivering this programme.

Institutional partnership with Moscow, Aviation Institute (MAI) According to this MoU, the Moscow Aviation Institute will share their information, and expertise in the field of Aeronautics, collaborate in the organising of international seminars, workshops and symposia, besides arranging for job oriented short term and long term courses and exchange of faculties. The MoU also facilitates R&D, consultancy activities and funded and sponsored projects.

Institutional Partnership with Sunderland University, U.K
Our college has signed up an Operational Arrangement with Sunderland University, U.K. This agreement provides for the conduct of awareness programmes such as presentations and seminars for students in mutually beneficial study and research areas.

MoU with Bahir-Dar University, Ethiopia
This MoU enables the exchange of staff and Students between the two institutions, besides exchange of information and experience in funded projects, job oriented short term and long term courses, international seminars, workshops, symposia etc, Further, active collaboration in research and consultancy in the areas of alternate fuel development, software engineering, image and signal processing, management and biotechnology has also been envisaged in the MoU.

MoU with University of Wolverhampton, U.K.
This MoU enables student and staff exchange, joint research - particularly in the fields of engineering and management, teacher education, value added courses and short term programmes. This collaboration also explores the possibility of offering specialized programmes in the field of engineering.

MoU with University of Regina, Canada
Rajalakshmi Engineering College has signed an MoU with University of Regina, Canada for research & academic collaboration. This collaboration includes joint research, exchange of staff and students and facilitation for higher studies. It also aims at offering research programmes in Engineering and Business Management.

MoUs for Strengthening Industry Institute Interaction
MoU with IBM Global Services, Bangalore
In order to offer value added programmes in latest oftware technologies to the staff and students an MoU has been signed with IBM.

MoU with Super Auto Forge, Chennai
An MoU has been signed with Super Auto Forge Ltd., Chennai which is a mechanical engineering based manufacturing industry for inplant training, industrial visits, projects, mutually beneficial training and R & D activities.

MoU with Infosys
Our college has entered into an MoU with Infosys for the 'Campus Connect', programme. The programme envisages conducting seminars and faculty workshops in the college, publishing Infosys courseware on the web, sabbatical for professors and projects for students.

MOU with FLSmidth Private Limited, Chennai
Our college has signed up an MOU with FLSmidth, the company which deals with equipments, systems and services for the cement and minerals industries.

The MOU is primarily signed for the company to provide project assistance to students and also provide guest lectures during events in the college and for industry visits and for hiring talented students from the organization.

MOU with Firestream Worldwide Inc, Chennai
Firestream is a product development company, offering innovative automation solutions to Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores in U.S.A. The MOU is a product of mutual interest from both institutions for seeking project ideas. The company would provide guidance to students during their final year projects and would also be interested to hire talented students from the institution. The college would provide the necessary training to company staff in the required areas and infrastructural support for doing the project and research works.

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