Dr. S.N. Murugesan, Principal graduated in Mechanical Engineering in the year 1990 from Thiagarajar College of Engineering and obtained Master of Engineering in Thermal Sciences in 1995 from Anna University. He pursued his Ph.D at Institute for Energy Studies, Anna University from the year 2000 to 2003 in the area of Vapour Absorption Heat Transformer.

He started his career as an Associate Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering department at National Engineering College, Kovilpatti. He has served for 24 years in various colleges in India. He has also served for 4 years as head of Mechanical Engineering section and one and half years as head of Engineering department at Ibra College of Technology, Sultanate of Oman. He has published 12 papers in Journals and conferences.

His field of specialization is thermal sciences, specifically vapour absorption systems and heat transfer.

Dr. S.N. Murugesan is an accomplished academician and administrator who has made significant contributions to the field of engineering education. With 25 years of teaching experience, he has demonstrated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in his field. His Ph.D. degree in the area of Vapour Absorption Heat Transformer from Anna University reflects his specialization and research focus.

As an active researcher, Dr. Murugesan has published numerous research papers in reputed journals, indicating his dedication to advancing knowledge and contributing to the academic community. His research has focused on Vapour Absorption Heat Transformer, showcasing his deep understanding and expertise in this specific field.

Dr. Murugesan's involvement in administration and consultancy work has further demonstrated his practical expertise and ability to bridge the gap between academia and industry. His solutions to industrial problems, particularly in the automotive industry, highlight his commitment to applying theoretical knowledge to real-world challenges.

In his career, Dr. Murugesan has held several important positions in various committees and boards, such as being a member of the UGC committee for granting autonomy to Higher Education Institutions (HEI). This involvement showcases his active role in shaping educational policies and practices. Additionally, his memberships in the standing committee of Anna University and the board of studies of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Anna University further emphasize his contributions to the academic community and his expertise in the field of mechanical engineering.

Dr. Murugesan's guidance of Ph.D. scholars exemplifies his commitment to nurturing young talent and promoting research excellence. By providing mentorship and guidance to future researchers and academicians, he has played a vital role in fostering the next generation of experts in the field.

Overall, Dr. S.N. Murugesan's diverse accomplishments in teaching, administration, research, and consultancy highlight his multi-faceted expertise and significant contributions to both the academic and industrial domains. His dedication to advancing knowledge, bridging the gap between academia and industry, and nurturing young talent underscores his impact in the field of engineering education.

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