Food Products and Process Design

To function asa renowned centre of excellence in food product development and process design by bridging gap between food industries and society through education, research and skill enhancement.


  • To develop state of the art food research laboratory
  • To undertake research in functional food product development, novel technologies for processing, packaging, food quality and safetyaddressing / bringing solutions to the problems in food industries.
  • To serve as a centre for knowledge dissemination through consultancy, workshops, trainings and demonstrations.

Research Activities:
To carry out advanced research activities in the area of food technology and processingproviding solutions to the needs of the industry and society (in general) and thereby leveraging the facilities at the centre to take up new research projects from industry and other bodies.

  • Conducting training programmes in the related areas for professional skill development.
  • Generating Intellectual Properties (IP) in terms of patents and high quality technical publications.
  • Conducting consultancy works for industries and start-ups.
  • Conducting courses with significant participation of external faculty, industrial and regulatory experts on food technology.
  • Entering into collaborative research engagements with Extra-mural funding agencies and Industrial Organizations for better understanding of issues of scientific and technological management between different stakeholders.

Projects at Centre of Excellence in FPPD
Projects sanctioned by Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology - Students Project Scheme 2021-2022

  1. Project Title: Development of mineral enriched cookies by the utilization of watermelon seeds
  2. Project Title: Extraction of essential oil from tinosporacordifolia (amirthavalli) by hydro-steam distillation and its application

Training offered

  1. Workshop on Fats and Oils: Basic concepts and analytical techniques by Dr.Jeyarani T, Principal Technical Officer, Department of Traditional Foods and Sensory science, CSIR-CFTRI, GOI, Mysuru. On 17 March 2022.

Research Publications

  1. Stephen, Dillwyn, KulasticJassy Antony, PragalyaashreeMaripillaiMunusamy, andTiroutchelvameDeivanayagame. Impact of Drying Methods on the Quality of Bioactive Components in Tree Tomato (Cyphomandrabetacae). Trends in Sciences 19, no. 2, 2022, pp2060-2060. [Scopus, web of science, UGC CARE II, Anna University]
  2. Subramani, Deepak, ManonmaniKumaraguruparaswami, HarshniMuthusamy, SangeethaArunachalam, and GowthamiShanmugam. Formulation and quality evaluation of quinoa enriched ready to cook string hoppers (Indian traditional noodles). Journal of Culinary Science & Technology, 2022, pp. 1-20.[Scopus, web of science, UGC CARE II, Anna University]
  3. Shalini. R, Sujithra S, Gururaj. P.N, Ramalakshmi. K. An Overview On Vitamin A Deficiency And Strategies For Its Prevention. GIS Science Journal. 2022. Pp.420 – 442. [Scopus, web of science, UGC CARE II, Anna University]
  4. GururajPejavaraNarayana, RamalakshmiKulathooran, SujithraSureshkumar and ShaliniRavichandra. Effect of Process Parameters on the Adsorption of Chromium VI on a Packed Bed Column (PBC) using Vetiver (Vetiveriazizanioides).Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment. 2021, Vol. 25 (12), pp 53-59. [Scopus, web of science, UGC CARE II, Anna University]
  5. ArumugamSiddhu Adhiaman1, KulathooranRamalakshmi, DhanrajMadhushalini. Industry-Ready Active Packaging Technologies in Food Sector. International Journal of Current Research and Review. 2021, Vol 13 (22), pp 1-6. [web of science, UGC CARE II, Anna University]
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  9. RenukaRaju, SubhapriyaPusparaju, RamalakshmiKulathooran and SiddhuAdhiaman. “Extraction of inulin using super critical fluid extractor”, Research Journal of Biotechnology, Vol 16 (8), pp. 33-37, August (2021) [Web of Science, SCOPUS, BioTechnology Citation Index®, Chemical Abstracts, Biological Abstracts, ESCI, UGC, NAAS, Indian Citation Index, Impact factor: 0.978]
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Courses in curriculum Course code Course name
1. FT19403 Food Processing and Preservation Technology
2. FT19502 Fruit and Vegetable Technology  
3. FT19602 Baking and Confectionery Technology
4 FT19603 Dairy Process Technology
5 FT19P55 Beverages Technology
6 FT19P56 Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
7 FT19P63 Technology of Plantation crops and Spices
8 FT19P71 Food Plant Design and Layout
9 FT19P72 Food Product Design and Development

MoU’s Signed:
MoU between JAMA botanics, Indian Institute of Technology Tirupathi and REC - Draft submitted. Under process.

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