MEMS & Microfluidics (CEMM)

To be a state-of-the-art centre of excellence in the field of MEMS & Microfluidics providing quality interdisciplinary research and developing innovative microdevices


  • Carrying out research in emerging technologies in the area of MEMS & Microfluidics
  • Imparting knowledge, innovative ideas, critical thinking and skills
  • Providing consultancy and services to provide solutions to industries
  • Offering training programs to bring up technical personnel in the domain of micro-fabrication
  • Collaborating with Universities abroad for knowledge sharing in frontier technologies

Research Activities:
To carry out advanced interdisciplinary research activities in the area of MEMS & Microfluidics cater to the needs of the industry and society

  • Sponsored research projects
  • Conducting training programmes
  • Generating Intellectual Properties (IP) in terms of patents
  • Publishing articles in peer-reviewed journals
  • Conducting consultancy works for industries
  • Curriculum development based on research works
  • Collaborative research engagements with industries, national research laboratories and international Universities

Research Projects at CEMM:


Title of the project Funding Agency PI/

Project Value

(₹ in Lakhs)
1. CFD Simulation of    Ring

Laser Gyroscope
ARDB Dr. N.M Sudharsan

Dr. L. Sujatha
19.87 2 Years

2. Fabrication of On-Chip Polymer Microvalve Arrays        for Microfluidic Systems DST Dr. L. Sujatha

Dr. R. Sundar
147 2 Years

3. Development and     Characterization of a  Surface Acoustic Wave H2 Sensors BRNS Dr. L. Sujatha

Dr. R. Sundar
35 2 Years

4. MEMS 3-axis Accelerometer for Vibration and Orientation Sensing DST Dr. L. Sujatha

Dr. R. Sundar
80 3 Years

5. Micro GC column using microfluidic device with

integrated heater
DRDO Dr. L. Sujatha

Dr. R. Sundar
137 4 Years

6. Fabrication of Low-Cost        MEMS microfluidic devices using metal embossing technology on glass for lab on chip applications DST Dr. R. Sundar

Dr. L. Sujatha
124 3 Years

7. Modeling & Analysis of Fused Quartz Pendulum                 Type Accelerometer RCI, DRDO Dr. R. Sundar

Dr. L. Sujatha
9.45 1.5 Years (2017-2018)
8. Development & analysis of Optimal Coating for HRG Components RCI, DRDO Dr. R. Sundar

Dr. L. Sujatha
9.77 9 months

9. Fabrication of Low-Cost Hybrid Technology based     MEMS Acoustic Transducer

using Polyimide Membrane
DST Dr. R. Sundar

Dr. L. Sujatha
38.6 2 Years

10 Fabrication of an EIS Biosensor for Detection of Uric Acid Level in Human Body UGC Mrs. S.Suganthi

Dr. L. Sujatha
4.1 2 Years

11 Fabrication of MEMS Accelerometer for vibration

sensing in gas turbines
GTRE- DRDO Dr. R. Sundar

Dr. L. Sujatha
10 1 Year

12 Fabrication of Polymer micro molds for MEMS Biosensor using soft lithography techniques DRDO Dr. L. Sujatha

21.686 2 Years

13 Fabrication of MEMS devices with Thin Film            technology REC Dr. L. Sujatha 11.3 1 Year

14 Fabrication of Nano Oxide-Based Sensor on Stabilized              Nano Zirconia for Detection of H2S AERB Dr. T. M. Sridhar

Dr. L. Sujatha
25 3 Years        (2013-2016)
15 Fabrication of Super Capacitors using         Conducting Polymers Nanotubes for Automobiles AICTE Dr. L. Sujatha

9.5 2 Years

16 Establishment of   National

MEMS    Design Centre (NMDC)
NPMASSGovt. of   India Dr. L. Sujatha In kind (MEMS CAD tools) 3 Years        (2009-2012)
Total Funding value 683.276
Infrastructure (clean rooms, Major Eqpt etc.) by REC 150
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