Machine Vision

To be a globally recognised centre of excellence in the field of Machine Vision providing/imparting quality education, interdisciplinary research and promote further collaboration with various industrial partners


  • To promote scientific discovery and the invention of smart systems and Intelligent Technologies
  • Interdisciplinary research and education to nurture future experts in IoT research by imparting interdisciplinary knowledge, innovative ideas, critical thinking and practical skills.
  • To undertake cutting edge research and education in the areas of networking systems and computational intelligence, and to derive evolving, comprehensive and integrative methods for solving various societal problems to make an impact on sustainable living.
  • To be the premier source of well-educated network and IoT engineers, fostering strong academic, industrial, and social ties, and thereby achieving significant societal impact.
  • To carry out innovative research and development that contributes to improve social impacts in the Country.
  • To build the capacity of technical personnel working in the various institutions.
  • To provide consultancy, training, and outreach services for stakeholders in the region including social institutions.

Objectives and Research Activities
To realize its vision and accomplish its mission, the centre will have the following specific objectives:
To carry out advanced research activities in the area of Machine Vision cater to the needs of the industry and society (in general).

  • Conducting training programmes in the related areas for professional skill development.
  • Generating Intellectual Properties (IP) in terms of patents and high quality technical publications.
  • Conducting consultancy works for industries covering, but not limited to, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture etc.
  • Patenting and transfer of technology
  • Helping and guiding start-ups in relevant areas.
  • To enhance the practical knowledge and to develop research culture among students in the field of Image and Video Processing using Machine Learning.
  • To provide internships and placement oriented training to students.
  • To provide training for faculty members in thrust areas like Digital Image Processing, Embedded Development, Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation and Machine Learning. Also Software’s like MatLab, LabVIEW, Solidworks, Auto Cad.
  • Offer PhD courses in relevant areas of expertise. Also, to provide customized/flexible PhD Courses to student(s) of any department of the institute pursuing/ intended to pursue his/her thesis on specific problems in Digital image Processing and machine Learning.
  • To enter into collaborative research engagements with Extra-mural funding agencies and Industrial Organizations for better understanding of issues of scientific and technological management between different stakeholders.
  • Using this as a general research facility to take up new research projects from industry and other bodies.

Projects at Centre of Excellence in Machine Vision

  1. Machine Vision Inspection System for Spline Gear Inner Race and Tripods
  2. Machine Vision Inspection System for Brake Piston Cylinder
  3. Machine Vision System Integrated to prevent the Press Machine from wrong Assembly in the Flywheel Assembly Process Line
  4. Machine Vision System Integrated to prevent the Press Machine from wrong Assembly (ABS/Non ABS) in the Bearing Assembly Process line
  5. Machine Vision System Based Automated Visual Inspection of 3G Modem
  6. Machine Vision Inspection system for Verification of Dimensional Accuracy of Cage Sleeves
  7. Machine Vision System Integrated to avoid Mismatching of tappet door with model code in the Engine Assembly Process Line
  8. Fully automated High Speed inspection system for identification of surface defects in rubber gaskets
  9. System integrated for Process Control to prevent the Die Damage Using Machine Vision System
  10. Machine Vision system for Blood transfusion Needle for tip damages, orientation and glue inspection
  11. Machine Vision Inspection system for Barcode reading on Lens Packets
  12. Machine Vision System Based Automated Blister Pack Inspection System
  13. Machine Vision System for Dimensional Measurement for Tulip Assembly
  14. Machine Vision System Integrated to Control Robot from wrong pouring (Non Presence or Mismatch of Stayrod) in the Seat Foam Assembly Process Line
  15. Automatic Label Print for Process completion for Multiple Models in the Foam Assembly Line
  16. Software Developed for Alternator Test Rig Testing Machine
  17. Software Developed for Starter Test Rig Testing Machine

Proposal Submitted at Centre of Excellence in Machine Vision:

  1. Dimensional Verification of Caliper.
  2. Dimensional Verification of Spindle.
  3. Procedure to avoid Parts from the Damage in the Surface in Machining and Assembly Line and Inspection Solutions for Dimensional and Operational Missing.
  4. Burr and Stem Identification of Brake piston Cylinder (with Inner Stem).
  5. Profile Verification of Glue.
  6. Automatic Tube Length Cutting and Straightness Identification.
  7. Presence/Absence, wrong assembly check in Differential Assembly.
  8. Software Development for Supply Chain Management.
  9. Identification of wrong part or model mix-up in the Assembly Line
  10. Barcode and Label Print System to Ensure the sequence of operation in the FI Line
  11. Surface inspection and Dimensional measurement of compressor reed valves.
  12. Surface inspection and Dimensional measurement of Oil Seals.
  13. Surface inspection and Dimensional measurement of Rubber Caps.
  14. Verification of part Presence for Nokia Mobile Panels.
  15. Print quality verification of silicon contacts on TV Remote Pads.
  16. Blister Pack inspection for OCR, missing, broken and foreign tablets in the Blister Pack Packaging Line.
  17. Defects and Dimensional measurement of fasteners.
  18. Leak Test and Burr presence in Fuel Cock assembly.
  19. Dimensional measurement of Crank Pin assembly.
  20. Welding position and Identification of Improper welding in the Wheel.
  21. Process Control of Spline Gear Machining to prevent the Wrong part before loading in to the CNC.
  22. Surface Defects in the Plastic Mould Parts.
  23. Presence/Absence, Identification of Orientation of Labels and checking the Level of fluid in the bottles.
  24. Study of Preventing the Oil Wastage and calculating the Stocks, Etc.,

Training offered:






Training Program / Workshop
S* F* I*
1 17-18-SEP-2009 Ranga Soft Training 19 5
2 8-9-OCT-2009 Soliton training
3 24-OCT-2009 Basics Of Machine Vision and its Application 15 7
4 29-30-DEC-2009 Introduction to Machine Vision Systems

5 11-JAN-2010 Digital Image processing using Matlab 20

6 11-13-JAN-2010 Soft skill Training Program

7 18-21-JAN-2010 Soft skill Training Program

8 25-28-JAN-2010 Soft skill Training Program

9 27-FEB-2010 Basic Of Machine Vision and its Applications 11

10 6-MAR-2010 Basic Of Machine Vision and its Applications
11 24-AUG-2010 Workshop On Digital Image processing using Matlab 60

12 21-25-SEP-2010 Digital Image processing using Matlab 23

13 06-10-DEC-2010 In plant Training In Image processing using Matlab 27

14 13-17-DEC-2010 In plant Training In Image processing using Matlab 17

15 20-24-DEC-2010 In plant Training In Image processing using Matlab 14

16 13-18-JUN-2011 Digital Image processing using LabView 28 2
17 19-23-DEC-2011 In plant Training In Image processing 20

18 5-9-MAR-2012 DigitalImageprocessingWorkshop-Level2 25

19 23-28-APR-2012 Digital Image processing Workshop 20

20 17-18-JAN-2013 Seminar – Machine Vision Technology at AnnaUniv. 15 2
21 29-02-AUG-2013 Digital Image processing using LabView 37

22 24-28-SEP-2013 Digital Image processing using LabView 23

23 26-28-NOV-2013 Digital Image processing using OpenCV 15 12
24 10-14-FEB-2014 Digital Image processing using MATLAB 25

25 15-17-JUL-2014 Digital Image processing using LabView 30

26 06-08-AUG-2015 Digital Image processing using LabView 38

27 17-20-FEB-2016 Digital Image processing using LabView –Level 1 15


Doctoral Programme

  1. Dr.L.Priya Awarded Ph.D in “Occlusion handling in 2D and 3D Object Recognition”

Research Publications
Books Published
Title: A Guide to Quality control in Machine vision

Author: Sheila anand and L.Priya
Description: ISBN 9780815349273, Published December 9, 2019 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

Notable Book Chapters Published

  • Dr.L.Priya, Ms.A.Sathya, Dr.S.Thangarevathi,” Book Chapter:Feature detection and extraction techniques for sensor data”, Book title: sensor data management and analysis: The role of deep learning - publisher-Wiley Publications;Wiley publications
  • Dr.L.Priya, Ms.A.Sathya, Dr.S.Thangarevathi,” Book chapter: Deep learning in Healthcare”, Book title: Deep learning and edge computing solutions for high performance computing; Published by EAI/Springer innovations in communications and computing
  • Dr.L.Priya, Dr.S.KanagaSubaRaja,Ms.A.Sathya,"Clinical Decision Support Systems" BioInformatics and Medical Applications: Big Data Using Deep Learning Algorithms, scrivener-Wiley Publishers

Scopus and SCI Indexed Papers Published

  • Dr.L.Priya,Ms.A.Sathya,Ms.K.Poornimathi,Ms.J.Anitha, “A Hybrid Intelligent Diagnosis and Disease Prediction Model Using Machine Learning Approach”, Journal of Green Engineering
  • Dr.L.Priya,Ms.A.Sathya,Ms.K.Poornimathi,Ms.J.Anitha, “Re-Skill Before Restart: E- Skilling Is Essential To Build Individual And Optimize Employees Competency”, International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation
  • Priya.L, Poornimathi.K, Anitha.J, Sudarsaan.A, Rajesh.P, Anirudh Krishnan, A Study on Machine Learning Algorithms in Medical Imaging, Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamic and control systems, Vol. 11, Special Issue-05, 2019, pp 2162-2170. ( Scopus)
  • Priya.L, Usha.S and Poornimathi.K “ Shape based 2D object recognition for partially occluded objects” Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamic and control systems , April 2019,Volume 11, 02 special issue, pages 44-50.( Scopus)
  • Vasanthakumar.S,SaiYashwanthK,Sangamithra and PriyaL “AMachineLearning Model for Robotic arm movement for physically disabled people “, IEEE International conference on Information, Embedded and Communication systems 2019, Chennai.
  • L.Priya, G.Rajeshkannan, J.Sheik Mohamed Meera, " Effective TOXIN management-An IoT based approach", International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Special issue, Volume 119, No. 12, ISSN: 1314-3395 (on-line version), 2018, pp16343-16351. ( IF : 0.635, Scopus)
  • ShyamSundar V, Sudarshan P, Suresh Raja T, Priya L ,” Improving Art Experience using Augmented Realty “Proceedings on IEEE National Conference on Innovative Research Trends for Digital India, Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai , March 2018.
  • Ganesh.G.S, Mythly T.J, Nathiya R, Priya L “RECTM- An Effective Transport Management ” “Proceedings on IEEE National Conference on Innovative Research Trends for Digital India, Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai , March 2018
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Students Projects in Machine Vision

# Title Program Students
1 Edge Detection of an Object using Fuzzy

UG-ECE Prasanna.M,Prasanth.L, Satiesh ArunRaj,

Yenduri Venkat Rajiv
2 Face Recognition using Embedded System UG-IT Aarthy.A,Aishwarya.J, Nagarathinam.S
3 Automatic Road Sign Recognition and

Speed Control
UG-IT ShrutiVenkatesh, Sowmya.S.R., SreeKumar.S
4 Optimization of Machining Parameters and Surface Roughness Measurement using Image Processing UG-Mech. Naveen KumarReddy.C, NaveenKumar.V
5 Machine Vision based Master-Slave

Intelligent Sorting System
UG-Mech. Antony AgvinDhas.J, Imrankhan.S
6 Digital Parking System UG-IT DivyaKrishnamohan, Lokavardhini.G
7 Automated Inspection of Contact Lens Manufacturing Processusing Machine Vision UG-Mech. Kannan.J
8 Surface Inspection of Ceramic Tile susing

Statistical and Neural Network Approach
UG-IT K.BharathiPriya, P.Krithika,T.Karthika
9 Enhanced Parking Lot Security System

Using Automatic License Plate Recognition
UG-ECE S.B.ArjunRaj, P.Madhusudanan
10 Automated Number Plate Recognition

PG-SWEngg. Anbarasan.V

Industries visited and interacted with for potential MV Projects

# Industry Location # Industry Location
1 ABB India Ltd. Robotics Div. Bangalore 2 Accent Pharma Pondicherry
3 Accurate Product Limited Chennai 4 Addison Chennai
5 Allison Transmissions Chennai 6 Areva Chennai
7 Ashok Leyland Chennai 8 Atop products New Delhi
9 Audco India Chennai 10 Aurolab Madurai
11 Aurolab Pondicherry 12 Auto Tech India Ltd Chennai
13 AVT Technologies Chennai 14 BorgWarner Chennai
15 Brakes India Sholinghur 16 Brakes India ltd Polambakkam
17 Chem Pharma Ltd Bangalore 18 Calex Rubbers Chennai
19 Citizen Press Components Ludhiana 20 ChipTest Engineering Chennai
21 Design Desk india Chennai 22 Coca Cola Limited Chennai
23 Fenners India Chennai 24 Dr Weisner Bangalore
25 Flextronics India Chennai 26 Flex Power India Chennai
27 Ganeshram Enterprises Chennai 28 Gala Precision Mumbai
29 Havell's Electricals New Delhi 30 GKN Driveline Delhi
31 HighTemp Furnace Pvt Ltd Pune 32 Hero Motor Corp New Delhi
33 Iljin Automotive Chennai 34 HLL Life Care Chennai
35 JBM Chennai 36 Jain Rubbers Pvt Ltd. Chennai
37 Jumna Automotive Comps. Chennai 38 JCB Haryana
39 Kemwell Pharma Bangalore 40 Jwalini Enterprises Bangalore
41 Krisam Automation Limited Bangalore 42 Koyas Fasteners Natarajapuram
43 Kwality Spring Coil Private Ltd. Madurai 44 Kumar Industries Chennai
45 LESA-(Lucas TVS Electrical

Suppliers Association
Chennai 46 Kyungshin Industrial

Motherson Ltd.
47 Lucas TVS Chennai 48 Lucas Industries Chennai
49 Maini products Bangalore 50 Lupin Pharma Indore
51 Nokia Siemens Network Chennai 52 MM Forgings Limited Chennai
53 Optomech Engineers Hyderabad 54 Nutech India Limited Chennai
55 Qualitas Technologies Bangalore 56 Plant2PC Chennai
57 Reddington India Chennai 58 Rane Engine Valves Ltd Chennai
59 Roots Industries Coimbatore 60 Rexam Pharma Ltd Bangalore
61 RRAutoTech Faridabad 62 Royal Enfield Chennai
63 Saint Gobain Chennai 64 Saimeera Chennai
65 Schneider Electric Chennai 66 Sankara Nethralaya Chennai
67 Shashun NBI Nao tech India Chennai 68 Sharadha Industries Haridwar
69 Murugappa Chettiar Research Chennai 70 Shasun Medicals Pondichery
71 Somic ZF components Chennai 72 Silkee Electronics Bangalore
73 SriMukha Precision Products Chennai 74 Spinks India Gurgaon
75 Sundaram Brakes Limited Chennai 76 Sulzer India Pvt. Ltd. Chennai
77 Sundaram Technologies Mumbai 78 Sundaram Fastener Chennai
79 Super Auto Forge Limited Chennai 80 Super Auto Forge,MEPZ Chennai
81 Tube Products India Ltd Chennai 82 Titan Industries Hosur
83 TVS Industries Hosur 84 Tubes Investment India Chennai
85 UMT AutoTech New Delhi 86 UCAL Auto Chennai
87 Woosu Automotive India Chennai 88 Visteon Automotive Chennai
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