Internet of Things (IoT)

To be a globally recognised centre of excellence in the field of IoT providing/imparting quality education, interdisciplinary research and innovative development of smart systems.


  • To promote scientific discovery and the invention of smart systems and Intelligent Technologies
  • To undertake cutting edge research and education in the areas ofCognitive Vision, smart Assistive Devices and computational intelligence
  • To carry out Interdisciplinary research and education to nurture future experts in IoT research by imparting interdisciplinary knowledge, innovative ideas, critical thinking and practical skills.
  • To build the capacity of technical personnel fostering strong academic, industrial, and social tiesfor solving various societal problems to make an impact on sustainable living.
  • To provide consultancy, training, and outreach services for stakeholders in the region including social institutions.

Research Activities
To carry out advanced interdisciplinary research activities in the area of Internet of Things (IoT) cater to the needs of the industry and society (in general) and using this as a general research facility to take up new research projects from industry and other bodies.

  • Conducting training programmes in the related areas for professional skill development.
  • Generating Intellectual Properties (IP) in terms of patents and high quality technical publications.
  • Conducting consultancy works for industries covering, but not limited to, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture etc.
  • Conducting courses with significant participation of external faculty, industrial and regulatory experts on IoT and machine Learning.
  • Entering into collaborative research engagements with Extra-mural funding agencies and Industrial Organizations for better understanding of issues of scientific and technological management between different stakeholders.

Projects at Centre of Excellence in IoT
Consultancy Service offered to : AnDnR Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd
Project Title: IoT Smart Boat
Project description:
IOT- Smart Boat application intends to implement B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) services for different boats and other floating vessel owners using one platform.
Main objective of this application is to provide an integrated real-time boat monitoring solution that allows the user to check the status of the boat remotely through IOT device and corresponding mobile & web application.
Number of Modules

  1. Location Tracker
  2. Battery Monitor
  3. Security Monitor
  4. Smart Fluid/Water Level monitor
  5. THS Monitor
  6. Smart Connect
  7. Website Development and Mobile Application

Training offered:

  • Workshop on Internet of Things
  • One day hands-on session on Embedded technologies

Research Publications

  1. Vasanthakumar.S,SaiYashwanthK,Sangamithra and PriyaL “AMachineLearning Model for Robotic arm movement for physically disabled people “, IEEE International conference on Information, Embedded and Communication systems 2019,Chennai.
  2. L.Priya, G.Rajeshkannan, J.Sheik Mohamed Meera, " An innovative TOXIN management through IoT", International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Special issue, Volume 119, No. 12, ISSN: 1314-3395 (on-line version), 2018, pp16343-16351. ( IF : 0.635,Scopus)
  3. Ganesh.G.S, Mythly T.J, Nathiya R, Priya L “RECTM- An Effective Transport Management ” “Proceedings on IEEE National Conference on Innovative Research Trends for Digital India, Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai , March2018
  4. L.Priya, J.Anitha, N.Kayalvizhi, “Smart Farming”, ICCCMIT 2017 - International Conference on Communication, Computing and Information Technology, MOP Vaishnava College for Women, Chennai,Feb,2017.
  5. L.Priya, H.Aishwaryaa, B.Aarthi and R.Abirami,”RSPG RFID Based Smart Payment Gateway”,Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences,JCHPS., Special Issue 9,Dec 2016, pp.57-59. (Scopus)
  6. L.Priya, K.Subramaniyan , J.Priyanka , V.PreethiSowndharya ,”Nearest Patrol Search under Emergency Condition”,Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences,JCHPS., Special Issue 9,Dec 2016, pp.94-97. (Scopus)
  7. L. Priya, M. Leela, P.P. Janardhan, B.S. Thulasi,”Effective TOXIN management-An IoT based approach”,Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences,JCHPS., Special Issue 9,Dec 2016, pp.88-90.(Scopus)

Courses in curriculum: Course code Course name
1. CS19P11 Internet of Things Essentials
2. IT19P74 Internet of Things
3. EC19703 Embedded Systems
4 EC19P83 Introduction to IoT

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