MEMS & Microfluidics (CEMM)

The MEMS activity with emphasis on micro-fluidic lab-on-chip systems is aimed at research towards development of low-cost measurement and diagnostic solutions for bio-medical and allied applications.
The college is recognized as one of the National MEMS Development Centers (NMDC) supported through the national NPMASS program.
Several MEMS devices such as Micro Tweezers, Accelerometer and Gyroscope have been designed and successfully implemented through the community chip fabrication program under NPMASS.
The Centre is headed by Dr. L. Sujatha, who has several research scholars currently pursuing their doctoral research program under her guidance. This center now has the distinction of having an active DST-TSDP government sponsored project valued at ₹1.24Crores for research and development in processes for low-cost Micro-Fluidic device development.
Facilities at this center include specialized thin-film deposition equipment, photo-lithography, high resolution Digital Microscope, measuring equipment, De-Ionized Water Plant and accessories for in-house research and development in MEMS and Micro-Fluidics.
Recently, the infrastructure for this center has been augmented through internal funds to establish state-of-the-art Class-10000/Class-1000 clean-rooms facilitating world-class research.

  • Sustainable Building Materials Research Lab
  • Aeronautical Research Lab
  • Biotechnology Research Lab
  • Numerical Engineering & Simulation Lab
  • Assistive Devices & Technologies Lab  
  • Chemistry Research Lab

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