Sl No Patent Title Name(s) of the inventor(s) Patent application Number Date of filing Date of publication Patent status
1 Plainless Intra muscular

Nozzle Gun
Mr. Jaikanth.M. C

Mr. Jaivignesh,


07.10.13 25.09.15 FER issued on

2 A seed and fertilizer embedded food beverage container for spreading seed Dr. P. Vimalanathan
Dr. N. Venkateshwaran,
Dr. V. Santhanam
Dr. A. Raj kumar
Dr. S.P Srinivasan
Dr R. Giri
Mr. N. Vinoth babu
Mr. P. Chandrasekar

201741018513 26.05.17 - Published( Waiting for grant)
3 A Self-Charging Hybrid Scooter Board

Mr. R.SharathPrasanna

Mr. Karthikeyan.V

Mr. Mohamed armoonshaliq

Dr. R. Shanthi


10.5.19 13.11.20 Published
4 Vacuum Operated Continuum Manipulator Mr.Harish Santhosh Kumar

Mr. Ganesh Kumar

Ms.Megha Venugopal

09.07.19 15.01.21 Published
5 Hybrid solar cooking system with solar thermal and photovoltaics to generate electrical energy for h Mr.P. T.Dinesh Kumar
Mr.T. Vignesh

201941047107 19.11.19 06.12.19 Published
6 Ferro magnetic suspension for Automobiles Mr Vinoth kumar S 202041006602 14.2.20 - Filed
7 Gas lighter with leakage and level monitoring system Mr C.Devanathan. 202041014653 02.04.20 15.05.20 Published
8 Watch With Retractable Strap Mr. Aadil Mohamed

Mr. M. Ajin


11.7.20 31.7.20 Published
9 Electric Wrench Cum Jack


Mr. R. SharathPrasanna,

Mr. R. ShyamBalaji,

Dr. R. Shanthi

Design Number:


29.10.20 18.12.20 Design Accepted and

Published, Journal No:

51/2020 and Journal Date:


10 A Multipurpose natural fiber reinforced composite containing a blend of long natural fibres and fillers Dr. P. Vimalanathan
Dr. N. Venkateshwaran
Dr. V. Santhanam
Mrs. P Vidhushini
Mr S. Hariram
Mrs, R. Aruna
Dr. A. Raj kumar

202041047778 02.11.2020 - Filed
11 The Object Removing System Using Novel Approach In Railway Network Ms. M. Keerthika

Dr. P. Kumar

Mr.S. Monish


15.3.21 - Filed
12 Bone Intelligent Wi-Fi Mobile Battery Charging using Beagle kit. Dr. A.Paramasivam 2021102295 01.05.21 - Filed
13 Reconfigurable walking stick Mr. Ajin M,
Mr. Raghavan T,
Mr. Prithviraj .M .A
Mr.Omganesh .G
202141034495 09.10.21 - Filed
14 A Biopesticide Composition And Method Thereof Dr. V. Gayathri
Dr. G. Carlin Geor Malar
Dr. A. Paramasivam
202141046170 11.10.21 - Filed
15 Equipment for production ,distribution, or transformation of electricity Mr.M.Santhanakrishnan 352851-001 10.11.2021 - Filed
16 Carbon fiber material based mechanical gripper for mini drone system Mr. R. Dhanaraj 202141053210 18.11.21 - Filed
17 Intelligent-SIM: multiple company mobile number installed in single SIM Dr. A.Paramasivam   2021101069 - 14.04.21 Granted( IP Australia)

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