REC-Bosch Lab is a tie up with Rajalakshmi Engineering College and BOSCH. In the department of Mechanical Engineering, we train up 180 students of third year on the following courses:

  1. Fuel Injection Pumps (2 days)
  2. Auto Electrical (1 day)
  3. Engine Diagnostic system (2days)
  4. Vehicle Diagnostic system (2 days)

The equipments available in Bosch lab are:

  • Inline pump(PE) type- 6 cylinder with Mechanical governor
  • Rotary (Distributor) Pump- 4 and 6 cylinder Pumps, and Rotary pump with Electronic Diesel control
  • Bosch ECU motronic
  • CR pump
  • Common Rail
  • Solenoid type- Fuel injector ( Electrically actuated)
  • Maruti Alto petrol engine model
  • Maruti Swift Diesel engine model.
  • FSA 740 Analyser
  • KTS 560 Scanner
  • Open fan and closed fan type Alternator
  • Electro magnet starter motor
  • Permanent magnet with reduction gear starter motor
  • Fuel Injection Pumps calibration test bench (4KW)
  • Auto Electrical test bench(single phase)
  • Nozzle tester
  • Battery tester and hydrometer, multimeter
  • Batteries(32 Ah and 65 Ah)
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