Funded Research Projects

Research Projects

Name of the Faculty Member   Project Title   Funding  

Amount (Rs.)
ACY 2021-2022
Faculty: Dr.R.Shanthi

Studetns: Kanishkar.H SharathPrasanna.R Harikrishnan Kaushik.K
Design and Development of Sterilizing air curtain with BiPolar Ionization Student Research Project Grant 2021 - 22 ISHRAE 48,500
ACY 2020-21





Ph.D. Scholar:

Mr. S. D. Sekar


Mr. S. Monish

Mr. R.L Hariharan

Design and development of low-cost solar dryers for

vegetables and fruits for rural applications
RuTAG - IIT Madras 3,60,000



Dr. Kalaiselvi  

Mr. S. Vinothkumar


Technology Interventions for Indigenous Handcrafted Products of Tamil Nadu (Second Phase) DST 2.12 crores
Dr.N.Venkateshwaran 3D Printer and Scanner

MODROBS 972549
ACY 2019-20
Dr. R. Shanthi

Mr. Shiva Shankar & Team
Experimental Studies On Building Cooling By Incorporating Phase Change Material on The Roof ISHRAE 50,000

SAE Baja Vehicle Rajalakshmi Engineering College 1,00,000
ACY 2018 - 2019
Dr.N.Venkateshwaran Mr.S.Arulmurugan Sound Absorption Characterisation of Various Natural Fibers for Acoustic Applications Institution of Engineers(I) 10,000
Dr.R.Shanthi Hybrid Techno Board REC 15,000

SAE Baja Vehicle REC 1,50,000
Mr.S. Sakthivel Solar Vehicle REC 1,00,000
ACY 2017-2018
Dr. N M Sudharsan

Mr. P. Chandrasekar
Development and evaluation of rotating nozzle for diesel engine DRDO/ CVRDE   17,67,645
ACY 2016-2017
Dr. Natteri M Sudharsan & Dr. N Venkateswaran Trajectory Estimation of the Large Object Inside an Intake Duct of an aircraft   GTRE, Minstry of Defense, Banglore 6,21,000
ACY 2015-2016
Prof. Natteri M Sudharsan &   

Dr. N Venkateswaran
Detail engineering design of a compressor test rig for small gas turbine GTRE, Bangalore 9,29,060
Dr. S.P. Srinivasan & Mr. A. Vinothkumar Portable  hand held microscopic telescope-SD REC 3000
ACY 2014-2015
Mr. S.Arul murugan   Vibration analysis of nano clay filled natural fiber composites UGC_ MRP 5,00,000
Mrs. Ramya G Industrial case study analysis for job shop scheduling and its integration with production resource planning UGC_ MRP 1,00,000
Mr. Shankar E Surface modified roller burnishing of Al – SiC composites UGC_ MRP 4,85,000
ACY 2013-2014
Dr. Natteri M Sudharsan Thermography as a tool to detect foetus abnormality ICMR 10,32,638

Consultancy Projects

Name of the faculty Project Title Funding Agency Amount

ACY 2019-2020
Dr.Natteri M Sudharsan Design and Development of Turbocharger Test Rig Shakthi Tech Manufacturing India Pvt. Ltd. 425000
Mr.S.Vinothkumar Fabrication of sanitary napkin vending machine Rajalakshmi Engineering College 5000


Utilization of Compression Mould Furnace and Optimized Paver Mould for Manufacturing of Plastic Paver Block sWaste Plastic Paver Brick Think Green Enterprise 75000
Dr. N. Venkateshwaran


Design and fabrication of TVS-Leak Test machine TVS 11250
Dr. R. Shanthi

Mr. M.S. Natarajan    

Mr. M. Ajin
Design and fabrication of Hot Plate Welding Machine for Sintex BAPL Sintex 10000
ACY 2018-2019
Mr. S. Sakthivel Effect of compression ratio on a single cylinder diesel Engine operated with Ternary fuel Mr.M.Yuvaraj,

Saveetha School of engineering, Chennai.
Mr.S. Sakthivel Effect of Titanium oxide Nano particles in Tamanu biodiesel operated in a single cylinder diesel engine to estimate performance, combustion and emission characteristics Mr.P.Karthikeyan,

Saveetha School of engineering, Chennai.
Mr.S. Sakthivel Effect of waste transformer oil in bio diesel operated in a single cylinder diesel engine to estimate performance, combustion and emission   Mr.M.Ajay,

Saveetha School of engineering, Chennai.







& Student Team

In association with CDCE
Consultancy for Design and Development of Automatic Nut Insert Assembly Machine for Six Auto Components of Yamaha Fascino Yamaha 7,920

(Shared by MECH, MCT & EEE)

Making of supports using steel plates Centre of Excellence in MEMS & Micro fluids,REC 4730
ACY 2017-2018
Mr.S.Girishankar Modulus of Rupture & Modulus of Elasticity Saint Gobain Glass, India 3,000
Mr.N.Vinoth Babu
Resource balancing data and analysis:  

H-block, Head (Weight reduction)
Ashok Leyland -
Mr. R. Arif Mohamed Khan AMC for existing machine vision system Nanchil Technologies (Super Auto

Forge pvt ltd)


A study on the feasibility of women employability Ashok Leyland -
ACY 2016-2017
Mr.P.Chandrasekar VCR Engine Sairam Engineering College 2,250
Dr.N.Venkateswaran &  

Mr. S. Arulmurugan
Vibration measurement in carrier & cylinder M\S.ATALON, No.9,NGO colony, Sriperumbudur-602105 25,000
Dr. S. P. Srinivasan &
Mr. Irudhayarai
Stainless steel MEMS-MF device holders Center of Excellence in MEMS & Microfluidics, REC 10,445
Mr. S. Girishankar Modulus of rupture and modulus of Elasticity Saint Gobain Glass ,India 4,500
Mr. S. Girishankar Modulus of rupture and modulus of Elasticity Saint Gobain Glass ,India 16,200
Mr. S. Girishankar Modulus of rupture and modulus of Elasticity Saint Gobain Glass ,India 4,050
Mr. R. Arif Mohamed Khan Vision System for Bearing assembly line


system Design)
Nanchil Technologies (Super Auto

Forge pvt ltd)
ACY 2015-2016
Mr. S. Girisankar Modulus of rupture and modulus of Elasticity Saint Gobain Glass ,India 5,670
Mr. R. Arif Mohamed Khan APQ machine vision solution Nanchil Technologies (Super Auto

Forge pvt ltd)
Mr. R. Arif Mohamed Khan AMC for existing-I

(Machine vision system)
Nanchil Technologies (Super Auto

Forge pvt ltd)
Mr. R. Arif Mohamed Khan Model addition to detect number of teeth in exist design layout Nanchil Technologies( Iljin Automotive Private Limited) 15,750
ACY 2014-2015
Mr. S.Giri sankar Modulus of rupture and modulus of Elasticity Saint Gobain Glass ,India 41,040
ACY 2013-2014
Mr Shankar Bharathi M V based Inspection system for rubber gasket with automation Nanchil Technologies (Jain Rubbers pvt ltd) 1,40,625
Mr Shankar Bharathi M V system for FS piston with surface inspection Super auto forge pvt Ltd 1,98,750
Mr.P.Chandrasekar Emission characters of Bio - Fuel Research scholar (Satyabama university) 5,000
Mr. S.Girisankar Modulus of rupture and modulus of Elasticity Saint Gobain Glass,India 20,000

VCR Engine setup details:

Name of the faculty Project Title Funding Agency Amount

Dr M Mani Computerised VCR Engine Setup Cylinder DST 6,59,892 2007

Tyre Pyrolysis Set Up:

Title :Experimental Investigations on the Environmental impact of using Tyre Pyrolysis Oil in Diesel Engines
Funding Agency: Ministry of Environment and Forests
Principal Investigator: Mr S. Murugan

Name of the Equiment Amount (Rs) Year
Engine Exhaust Gas Analyser 3,15,000 2006
Air Flow Meter 16,120 2006
Heating Set up for Pyrolysis Treatment 3,06,800 2007

Other Noteworthy Research Projects:

Nature of the Project

Duration Year Title of the project Name of

the funding agency
Total grant (Rupees in lakhs)
Sanctioned Received

Major projects
Synthetic ate aperture radar photos adoption by removing speckle noise

Security concerned removal using image processing of criminals eye
AICTE 14.0 14.0
2 years

Synthesis of Novel non-toxuc Quantum dots for early stage detection of cancer AICTE 8.0 8.0
2 years

Fabrication of supercapactiors using conducting polymer nanotubes for Automobiles AICTE 9.5 9.5
2 years

Efficient classifier for clinical life data (Parkinsons, Breast cancer and p53 mutants) through feature relevance analysis and classification AICTE 7.0 7.0
1 year

Measurement of combustion and emission characteristics of waste plastic oil as an alternate fuel in CI engines AICTE 5.5 5.5
Students research project 1 year

Forced linear actuator for Single leg prosthesis Computer Society of India 0.50 0.15

disciplinary projects
3 years

Machine Vision DST (TIFAC CORE) 515.10 500

Equipment Purchase Details:

Sl. No. Equipment / spares & accessories / chemicals Date of Purchase Whether Imported or Indigenous Cost of Equipment (Rs.)
1 Rotavapor Evaporator R-3, V-Condenser;

R-3, V29/32 230V

S/N: 1000101341

Gasket KD22
14.12.2011 Imported Rs,1,51,200/-
2 CARY Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrofluorimeter. 09.02.2012 Imported Rs.6,78,150/-
3 Aglient B2902A- LXI complaint 2CH Precision source / Measure meter 22-12-2011 Imported

(By agent)
4 Aglient OPT 34972A- 20CH scanning Mux I/F 22-12-2011 Imported

(By agent)
5 4263B-LCR meter- 100Hz to 100 KHz 22-12-2011 Imported

(By agent)
6 IBM Server

Part No : 737913S

X3400M2 Tower Model Dual Socket

Server Intel Xeon E5507 (Quad Core) 2.26 ghz/4MB 800 MHz 4GB

DDR3/146GB 2.5” Hot DVD RW
17-02-2012 Imported

(By agent)
7 HCL Infiniti A 380 PRO PC Intel Core 15, PC 5 No. 31-01-2012 Indigenous Rs.1,32,000/-

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